Our G-Drives give the reliable power our customers need when they need it and covers a wide variety of applications.

Oil & Gas

Products designed to provide your oil and gas customers with reliable power in mechanical and electronically controlled diesel engines from 1.3 to 78 liters and gas engines from 5.9 to 14 litres.


Products designed to meet robust performance requirements—even in challenging environments featuring high altitudes or high/low ambient conditions.


Products designed to meet rail customers’ demands for high power performance in prime or continuous duty.


Products designed to suit your customers’ needs for both short- and long-term rental applications—from 10 to 2750 kVA Prime Power at 50 Hz and 9 to 2500 kWe Prime Power at 60Hz for Diesel G-drive and select power nodes from 195 to 355 kWm Continous Power at 60 Hz for Gas G-Drive applications.