Diesel G-Drives

G-Drive's product range boasts reliable and durable diesel and natural gas engines. Diesel G-Drive engines are offered from 10 to 2750 kVA Prime Power at 50 Hz and 9 to 2500 kWe Prime Power at 60 Hz, while Gas G-Drive engines are offerd from 47 to 138kWe Continuous at 50 Hz and 44 to 861kWe Standby/Prime/Continous Power at 60Hz. Continuous research and development ensures that all G-Drive products deliver the highest power density per class whilst still meeting strict US and European emissions standards.

A CoolPac solution for diesel engines provides GOEMs worldwide with a cost-effective and fully integrated G-Drive product. CoolPac engines come complete with a cooling package and air cleaning kit as standard providing a complete power solution; and because each component has been developed specifically for G-Drive products customers benefit from high performance, rigorously tested, high ambient capability solutions.