Our energy makes the world go round

Throughout the globe, ever-increasing numbers of markets are making the connection between world-class power generation and Cummins Generator-Drive (G-Drive) Engines. But there’s more to recommend us than our universal popularity.

For almost a century, Cummins G-Drive Engines, a division of Cummins Inc., has been recognised as a world-leader in integrated diesel engine design and manufacture. Travel the globe today and you’ll find generator sets powered by our engines operating within almost every business sector, from industrial, commercial and financial, to construction, healthcare and telecommunications. And, as testament to the quality and durability of our products, not to mention the extensive coverage of our warrantees, we have forged and maintained long–term relationships with renowned Generator Original Equipment Manufacturers (GOEMs) internationally.

Thanks to our continuous investment in research and development, the high performance and low-emissions standards of our products remain unbeatable, setting the benchmark in our industry across a range with over 50 models at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz, to deliver diesel engines from 1.3 to 78 litres.

As for access to our world-class products, whether you want prime, standby or continuous power, you’ll find the uncompromising level of technical support and service of our extensive distributor network is truly global. In fact, it’s our presence in 190 countries that makes the process of matching the right generator, transfer and control technologies to your power needs, as smooth and efficient as our engines themselves.

For typical generator set applications, we’ve developed an advanced ‘all in one’ power system that makes G-Drive products even more cost-effective. We call it CoolPac. You’ll call it invaluable.

A choice of 1.3 to 78 litre engines with advanced engine controls that allow for consistent interfaces across the range, isn’t all you get with G-Drive CoolPac. The systems are pre- assembled to include both air cleaner kits and, in units up to 220 kVA (X1.3 to QSB7) fitted radiators. In units over 220 kVA (QSL9 and above), radiator kits are provided for chassis mounting.

Supplied as a complete package, CoolPac offers a cost effective, fully warranted, high ambient-capable power solution, capable of meeting the most diverse requirements of our worldwide customers, with many models compliant with European Union (EU) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulations.

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